J. Navarre Valdivieso

"Work is a sacred thing. Don't touch it!"
-Tanner Gibb

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What I Do

My name is Navarre and I have a passion for all things electronic. I enjoy Web Design, Photography, Digital Art, and User eXperience design.


I really enjoy photography. I know I love it because I keep doing it even without financial benefit! I love seeing the way the images come out, and being able to print them myself. I believe the best images are captured in-camera and not created in post. I currently shoot with a Canon T3i, a small variety of lenses, and Magic Lantern.

Web Design

My love for Web Design comes from an abiding interest in computers and a rich & varied job history. I’ve always built my own computers and that interest in hardware has bled over to the software field as well. I’ve created websites, built macros, and created game modifications simply because I could.

Rich Experience

I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy an enriching personal life, having lived in Yucatan for a few years, learning Spanish and serving the people there. As a newly minted adult, I was employed in SoCal aboard Tallships as a certified Deckhand. In my adult life, I’ve had the opportuinity to travel and live in many parts of the US.

About Me

I am a son, Brother, and Father (but not necessarily in that order). I am based out of Utah County and consider myself a perpetual student, lover of the Oxford Comma, and hobbyist Photographer with an eye for design.

I am experienced in Quality Assurance with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled with Microsoft Word, Web Design & Development, and Management. Strong operations professional working towards a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Western Governors University.

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